What is GradPrentice?


GradPrentice is a gamified vocational training company that acts as a bridge between you and your dream career in the tech industry.

GradPrentice is a work-based training programme in the creative tech industry.

GradPrentice is a platform that allows people to develop their digital marketing skills and get a career in marketing. The end goal is to have a complete portfolio that will help in securing a professional job.


How did GradPrentice come about?


GradPrentice was started because after graduating, the founder was unable to secure a job due to a ‘lack of work experience’ and no portfolio. A requirement to get a job in the creative tech industry. This catch 22 situation was unacceptable so it started a movement to help people like her and prevent future employability issues.


What is the problem GradPrentice is solving?


Nowadays people struggle to find a job without hands-on experience and GradPrentice will try to solve this problem by providing people with hands-on experience and a complete portfolio.

The lack of skills shortage is costing the UK economy £70 billion a year.


Can anyone join GradPrentice?


GradPrentice is for anyone who is interested in developing UX and UI skills and wanting to learn more about the tech, marketing, design, and gaming industry.


What industry does GradPrentice work in?


At the moment GradPrentice starting out with one course in digital marketing as

The job market sees a tremendous demand in the field. More courses are coming in 6 months.


Who is GradPrentice aimed at?


GradPrentice is aimed at people that are interested in digital marketing and developing their skills in this area.


Who works with GradPrentice?


The top professionals work with GradPrentice to make sure the GradPrentice ensures the highest employability rate for its participants.


What is the purpose of the game based in London?


Everyone knows sometimes even the subjects you have a passion for are not as interesting as you expect them, so GradPrentice came up with a gamified solution, to tackle the issue. As the users of the projects learn playing which truly makes it one game away from your dream job experience.


Who is the target market?


Career changers – People who want to start a career in creative tech.

Unemployed – People who are looking for work.

Hiring managers looking for skilled digital marketers.


What is GradPrentice offering to me?


Experience, and the main goal; help you secure your dream job

Experience, Portfolio, and hands-on experience.

Skilled digital marketers.


How will the GradPrentice game improve someone’s career prospects?


The GradPrentice not necessarily will improve the career but rather gives you the most in-demand knowledge and experience to start your career in any field we offer courses in. The courses developed by the top industry professionals who created the gamified game with the up-to-date requirements of the market.


How can GradPrentice solve my problem as an unemployed/career changer?


GradPrentice offers an intensive training programme that is dedicated to Learning by Doing. The tasks are based on real projects so you get hands-on experience from the start. You also receive 1-1 support throughout the training.


How long is the course for?

This depends on you.

The quicker you get through

The course contains 6 levels. Each level will last depending on how fast or slow each person is going through it.


Is there a need for GradPrentice?


Yes, there is a need for programmes like GradPrentice. There is a skill shortage in the tech industry which is rapidly growing and expanding in current times. GradPrentice acts as a bridge between graduates who are equipped with sought-after digital skills and employers looking to recruit fresh talent in order to meet their business needs.


What products and services does GradPrentice provide?


The services that GradPrentice offers are hands-on, intensive on-the-job training and provide undergraduates and recent graduates with internships to help them build their portfolio and prepare them for their future careers.


How can I join GradPrentice?


You can join by registering on the website.

You can join by signing up on the website. There is a fee for every user to use our services


Who are GradPrentice partners?


Middlesex University

Gamification Nation



Who are GradPrentice clients?


Anyone can be a client that is looking for a career in digital marketing.

Career changers; hiring managers;


How can I be sure that Marketing is my field?


The best way to know if Marketing is your field is to try it out! GradPrentice provides various exciting projects that apply to real-life situations to help you grapple with how marketing works in your chosen industry.


What GradPrentice is trying to achieve in the long-term, 5 years from now?


GradPrentice is willing to expand the range of training games it offers to a wide range of the professions based on the skill shortage in the market to fill the gap.


How can users be sure they will lend the job after taking the course?


Although, we would love to. We can never guarantee a job. Our aim is to provide the best vocational training and prepare the users for the world of work. However, it depends on the effort the users extend to their portfolios. Digital marketing is a visual job and based on the quality of the work you produce you will find hiring managers.


If I apply for a role, is the GradPrentice certificate going to help me? How:?


We offer a reference that you have worked with us. Certificates are overrated! Let the portfolio speak for itself.


Does GradPrentice provide any qualifications or diplomas upon completion?


GradPrentice will provide you with hands-on experience in the industry and a complete portfolio.


How many unemployed people in the UK?


Most economists expect the unemployment rate – which counts how many people are able to work and want a job, but can’t find one – to rise in 2021. About 2.2 million people, or 6.5% of all workers, could be unemployed at the end of the year, the government’s spending watchdog the Office for Budget Responsibility says. Unemployment rate: How many people are out of work? – BBC …


What is the point of starting a job as a digital marketer?

Digital marketers have the skills of Web Analytics and Social Media Strategy skills to help businesses build their business to its potential. Article


Covid 19 has changed the landscape of how people work. Many jobs are now done remotely. Plus many businesses are also restructuring and are digitalising many of their services and are looking for skilled employees to manage their online presence.