Every graduate deserves the best start to their career

We are the bridge between the university and the world of work. We help students get experience while working on real commercial projects. 

What we do



Collaborate with Universities offering industry insights to core modules.

Run industry-led events and competition inspiring students to prepare for careers in tech.

Help build professional portfolios guided by industry experts and up to date industry trends.

Work on real commercial projects and gain practical experience with our partners and industry experts.

Build a career pathway trough Personal Development Plans to meet your personal career goals and meet industry expectations.

Who We Are

GradPrentice was born out of necessity. We are a team of 6 who have come together to resolve a common issue we all have experience in. We want to end wasted talent and help get graduates and career changers to get into the careers they deserve!

Partner With Us

We partner with universities, employers, and government agencies to help solve the skills shortage problem in the tech industry.


Join our community to share your experience, get advice and grow together 

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