Mentor UX Designers

We welcome mentors who have industry exposure to share their knowledge with our Gradprentices

A Gradprentice mentor is an experienced UXer who can help our UX Designers by advising and supporting them with their projects, careers and overall UX concerns.

Share Experiences
Help graduates complete their first commercial projects with your knowledge of UX.
Mentoring Gradprentices presents you the oppurtunity to be a role model from the UX industry.
Gain insight
See the issues Junior UXers face when applying to jobs.
Develop new professional relationships outside of your organisation.
Develop yourself
Build your professional reputation.
Tackle employment issues
Help graduates get the jobs they are trained for.

Meet a mentor

"Being a Gradprentice mentor makes me feel I am really contributing to developing both students and the industry. Through the mentoring sessions, I have the opportunity to meet brilliant graduates and follow their path in a UX career. At the same time, it helps me grow my skills as a mentor and facilitator."
Marcella has been mentoring with our Gradprentices since July 2019
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Whether you're a graduate, recruiter, potential client, mentor or a university, Gradprentice can help with your needs.