Work on real projects.
Gain real experience.
Get hired.

Gradprentice helps students get access to live projects and gives small companies access to UX design at a price that works for them. Students learn industry skills through real client projects in UX/UI design.

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What We Do

For Graduates
We give graduates exposure to real projects and clients
Gradprentice provides commercial experience to graduates and arms them with practical skills necessary in securing their dream job.
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Our Partners

At Gradprentice, we collaborate with a range of people that not only will help our Graduates progress, but also can benefit from our services in their own ways.

We ensure graduates have portfolios rich with commercial UX experience, ready for employment
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We collaborate with universities to run UX workshops and to help tackle graduate unemployment
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We consult with small businesses and startups to produce UX solutions based on their needs
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We welcome mentors who have industry exposure to share their knowledge with our Gradprentices
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Our Projects


UI/UX Design, Web Development


UI/UX Design

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UI/UX Design, Wordpress

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Nouhou Basekonda
UX Designer @ Gradprentice
"Gradprentice allowed me to work on commercial projects and add to my portfolio."
Aminul Islam
UX Designer @ Gradprentice
"Gradprentice let me gain the commercial experience I needed after university. I am now able to put real work on to my portfolio!"
Charlotte Gravell
Formerly @ Gradprentice
"Getting to practice as a UX designer at Gradprentice was a great experience. I was given the freedom to flex my creativity with a real client, use all the techniques I’d learnt in my online classes, and earn myself a great UX job!"
Debbie Todd
UX Project Manager @ Gradprentice
"As a returner to work, Gradprentice has given me an amazing opportunity to utilise my graphic design and management skills within a UX context. I'm currently working for Gradprentice as a UX Project Manager and helping graduates to reach their full potential."
Siddiqah Islam
UX Designer @ Gradprentice
"Gradprentice gave me a lot of creative freedom and responsibility when taking on real projects. It gave me a chance to work with likeminded people and build my confidence in UX Design."
Zara Tewolde-Berhan
UX Designer @ Gradprentice
"Gradprentice has been an amazing experience. I recently changed careers to UX Design and I have found Gradprentice to be a great environment to learn, develop vital skills and work with an exciting and collaborative team whilst building my portfolio."
Sabrina Morellato
Formerly @ Gradprentice
"Thanks to Gradprentice I could take control of a UX project and become independent in my role. This commercial experience has been my ticket to enter into the job market: after few weeks I finished my 'gradprenticeship' I got an offer for a UX researcher position. Exactly what I needed!"
Marcella Medeiros
Mentor @ Gradprentice
"Being a Gradprentice mentor makes me feel I am really contributing to developing both students and the industry. Through the mentoring sessions, I have the opportunity to meet brilliant graduates and follow their path in a UX career. At the same time, it helps me grow my skills as a mentor and facilitator."
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