Start with Gradprentice, land the UX job you deserve.

Join Gradprentice and gain the skills recruiters want. Hone your craft for the real world on real projects.

Get trained on the basics of UX
We'll make sure to give you with a solid foundation in UX throughout your time with us. Learn how to conduct research, create designs, use prototyping tools and more.
commercial experience
Work on real projects
The job market could prove to be difficult for graduates coming straight out of university. Which is why Gradprentice offers opportunities for you to work on real commercial projects and gain valuable experience to help you advance your career.
Build a strong UX portfolio
A UX portfolio is one of the main things hiring managers look at when hiring a UX designer. By the end of your time at Gradprentice, you will have a portfolio filled with a range of projects that you will work on during your time here.
mentor access
Meet experienced UX mentors
At Gradprentice, we invite UX professionals to provide career guidance and advice for what to expect and the nuances you may encounter in the industry.

More benefits include

Develop your soft skills

Work on skills beyond the technical. Develop presentation skills, communication, teamwork, empathy, time management, leadership and much more.

Make mistakes and grow

We regard Gradprentice as a safe space for UX beginners to try new things, make mistakes and improve themselves.

Attend UX events and workshops

We regularly attend UX events and workshops held around London to help expand our UX knowledge and to network with other industry professionals.

Discover your strengths

The UX industry has a vast array of roles to specialise in. Join Gradprentice to discover your strengths and identify the role you think suits you.

Why Gradprentice?
We can help you begin a successful career in UX
Join Gradprentice after you graduate
If after you graduate and, like many others, you find yourself struggling to find work in the UX industry, Gradprentice can help get you started.
Learn UX while gaining real experience
Build your UX knowledge by working on real projects for real clients. Participate in UX workshops and get access to our experienced mentors.
Build your portfolio and get hired
By the end of your time at Gradprentice, you will have a variety of projects in your portfolio and you'll be ready to get out there and get hired.
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Whether you're a graduate, a hiring manager, potential client, mentor or a university, Gradprentice can help with your needs.