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How long you stay with us depends on how long you take to complete a presentable portfolio. People have worked on projects for 3 months and found a job whilst others have worked on projects for a bit longer then found a job (up to 6 months max).

For your portfolio we think three solid UX projects allows you to get invited to interviews.

This answer does not mean we want to complete work as soon as possible. We want to acknowledge that different projects have different variables that effect them.

No, we do not pay graduates at the moment. We aim to help you by providing you real world projects from real companies to work on. This is what hiring managers ask for in applications.

Students are more than welcome to join Gradprentice providing they have the time to complete projects. It's best to join us when you are on your holidays.

Unfortunately we cannot cover expenses at the moment. We will however do as much as we can to support your needs.

You will work on projects with a team of other Junior UX designers. Over time you will learn new things and develop together. You and your team will go through landing your first roles together.


All projects have different timelines (plan). We will come up with a plan we believe will create a usable, efficient and effective product. Different projects have different variables that affect it and we will consider them when writing our plan for your project after our first meeting.

Our graduates have studied and graduated in UX/design or taken UX/design placements before joining us. The graduates at Gradprentice already have a wealth of experience through their university projects and placements. Gradprentice is providing them the commercial experience they need for 'bigger' roles.

Typically there are four stages we complete for all projects: research, conceptual design, detailed design and evaluation. This will be explained to you if you wish to work with us. You can also see the 'Our work' secton to learn about how we do things.

We have made sure all data that is private is not shared to people out of Gradprentice. Any individual who doesn't follow this faces being told to leave Gradprentice.


We simply want mentors who have a wealth of knowledge, skills and attitudes to help our UX designers!

You will be assigned a UX designer from Gradprentice and you will simply help them with any enquiries they have to do with their work. You can also suggest events they can attend and tools they can use etc.